Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Welcome! This is a new feature I've added to the website and I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and inspiration with you.

Growing up I was very creative, and I always aspired to be a designer, so it was inedible that I pursue a career in the fashion Industry. Eleven years ago I had the opportunity to work with a premier bridal designer in New York City as a production coordinator. It wasn’t the designer position I aspired for but it was the best detour I’ve ever taken. It was there I developed a keen eye for the smallest details, learned a variety of high quality finishes, and occasionally got the opportunity to use my creativity.

After working there for ten years my family and I wanted to leave the New York hustle and bustle to dedicate more time to our children, and their education, so I left the company and move to Northern California where I decided to launch Jesse Ciani, Accessories as a full time job.

See, two years before we moved from New York, I began designing photo albums because I wanted an extraordinary piece to showcase my hidden treasures; my family photos. Inspired by my love of fashion, I designed my first album to compliment the aura of my home. I was excited by the end result. So, I designed a few more albums to spread across the coffee table. I now had a stylish place to store my family photos they were easily accessible at family gatherings.

The albums sparked interest. Each one became a conversation piece. Whenever guest and family visited everyone was intrigued by the stylish pieces on the coffee table. So, I began making them as gifts for family and friends. Soon, I evolved from photo albums to guest books, to ring bearer pillows and a variety of special occasion accessories. Thanks to word of mouth referrals, my hobby had become a small home business and I created a website.

The website features elegant wedding and special occasion accessories I’ve designed which you can purchase for your wedding, special occasion, something special for a cherished loved one, or holiday gift. Here are some Photos of the albums I’ve designed. The albums can be personalized and can be ordered with coordinating accessories. So please check out the website at http://www.jesseciani.com/.

This is a new blog so please come back as often as you like for creative ideas, updates, and event postings. I’d love to hear your questions, comments, or inspiring ideas, so please comment on this post or e-mail me at JessicaBrown@JesseCiani.com.

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